Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High Fidelty meets Rockwiz meme

Becky over at the Small stuff has a rather goodly musical post in response to last week's Fave Friday theme, so I thought I'd play her meme too.

1. Your first musical idol.

A couple - Rolf Harris - all that singing songs, wobble boards and painting. And the Beatles - because of that Beatles cartoon that used to be on.
Also as kids we used to love the episode of the Goodies 'Almost Live' where they sung various songs... I can still sing you 'Throwin' Up' or 'Cactus in my Y-Fronts' or 'Funky Gibbon' or 'Nappy Love' to this very day.

['Almost Live' is on You Tube here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.]

2. Your biggest musical shame/embarrassment.

Probably the fact that as a teenager I did indeed go to Band Camp.

3. Your special musical talent?

Mine's a bit like Becky's here, I can make up words to songs and make them fit, or make up silly songs on the spur of the moment. HP is the mega-talent at this, his silly songs are extremely good. We like a good sing along.

4. A musical thing that you wouldn't do in public.

Does dancing count as a musical thing? You won't get me to dance.

5. The last band you saw live.

Was the Moffs last month, for old times' sake. I was supposed to go and see the Reels and the Models the other week, but totally mixed the dates up and missed it (I had a ticket and all!!) Spewin' mate, because I LOVE Dave Mason. (How cute is this clip from 1988? By the way Reels = embrace the irony and sillyness and just enjoy)

6. Favourite live music experience.

Argh so many! The Go-Betweens on my 18th birthday are a pretty good memory.

7. If you could see any band/musician live tomorrow, who would it be?
The Avett Brothers. I know they're all hairy and not purty and all, but they kill me. Listen to this one:

I won't tag anyone, but play along if you like.


BigCat said...

That song is gorgeous. I really enjoyed it.

Great meme Becky has come up with. I might have to play along too.

This one time at band camp....

See you on Saturday

Anonymous said...

i'm excited about this meme.... but the problem with music is i take it so seriously! Need to give this a couple of days thought, I think.

h&b said...

awesome meme - I might borrow it !

My sister and I sing the Funky Gibbon, and String!"

String, string, string, string
Everybody needs string !

h&b said...

P.S. - stole the "BWO" badge.
Guilty as charged, but NO MORE !

oh - and I think I got here via Pigeon Pair ... first visit, like zee blog.

Drewzel said...

Everyone - go for it, do the meme!

H&B, yay! Nice to have you here!
PS. If you look back a week or two, you might notice (or maybe you have already) that I've had a Goodies String-fest :P

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.