Friday, October 10, 2008

Love this, love Fridays!

This gorgeous illustration comes from here...and I earlier made a purchase from Tartx's Etsy store. Although there's no rain on the horizon here, it's a lovely sunny Friday. I'm hanging to escape from work and get out there...although I do have to go home and make my Mixtogether giftie for tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday!

Lover of Fridays extraordinaire, Big Cat.


Amy said...

I love that! It gives me the impression of being very victorian. btw I love your new banner image :-)

BigCat said...

That picture is amazing. I need to finish my gift too. I figure an IOU isn't going to cut it. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Did Curlypops tell you I have a little gift from her for you?

Drewzel said...

Amy, banner image is pinched from a US poster promoting reading, "created for the Illinois WPA Art Project by Arlington Gregg between 1936 and 1940."

Cathy, I need to START my gift! It will be great to see you tomorrow :D

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.