Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make time for Avon

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I have to confess, I have a very soft spot for Avon. I still recall the excitement of seeing the Avon book when the local rep dropped it round to Mum, maybe playing with the little lipstick samples, and delighting in giving Mum a "makeover" when she let my sister and I do it. (The poor woman used to end up with scary blue eyeshadow, globby mascara, Morticia eyebrows, and lipstick everywhere.)
I also remember a Pink Panther sponge and soap set (which the dog ate), "Felina Fluffles" cat perfume bottle, and a perfume bottle featuring a cat looking into a fish bowl. (I was stoked to find one of these a while ago at Savers, and it now proudly lives on the coffee table.) My sis had a unicorn perfume bottle with a golden horn, and Mum still bemoans the fact that they don't make "Moonwind" perfume any more.
I must also confess I have an Avon account so that I can order my own products - does that make me an Avon lady? I don't go and do the "Ding Dong" thing, that's for sure. But this description from an 1960's ad makes it sound so appealing:

"Take time out for beauty...time out to make your selections from the wide and wonderful variety of Avon cosmetics brought to you by your Avon representative. The quality of these cosmetics is known to millions of discerning women and the prices are so moderate. You will enjoy selecting cosmetics at home, the Avon way. Your Avon representative will be calling soon...welcome her!"

I know it's not terribly feminist or whatever to love makeup, but I wish Avon's packaging was still so lovely and that buying the product was indeed so glamourous! It'd be fun if they issued a retro line...

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

I'm a secret Avon lady - I love the stuff. I buy pretty much just for myself and my mum. I also like being able to get all those little samples (though they're bit on the pricey side, right?). I loved all the packaging from 70s Avon. One of my earliest memories is of a little black and gold pot of perfumed cream in my Nan's bathroom.

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.