Thursday, October 16, 2008

Remember this song?

I've had the cassette '1983 -the hot ones' (or something similar) in my car all week. This song is on it...I remember thinking at the time it came out "how crap" (my sis had the 45) but nostalgia now gets the better or me. I didn't remember the video at all, but it's quite silly.

Another fave from 1983. And this one. I love this one too.
This one's also on my tape, and this one.
This one and this one should have been! And this one:

What was on your radio in 1983?

"Ghosts appear and fade away."


Rachael said...

I remember an interview with Colin Hay on Spicks and Specs, he wae saying that in the US someone kept asking him for the Goat song...the one where the goats come and go? Ha, Overkill!

Rachael said...

Omg, that tape is brilliant. I think 83/84/85 were my music formative years, classic aussie rock. Oh, Dragon, Mondo Rock, INXS, Goanna....Can you make copies????????

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I loved Bop Girl. The look and feel of the video reminds me of the movie Starstruck!

Kellie said...

I LOOOVE the 80's and am most definately a product of them! ;)

I've never heard a lot of these...but I dig them anyway! THanks for sharing!

I'm 100% certain I was listening to this





Drewzel said...

Hahah, goats! I like the episode of Scrubs where he's in it singing.

I had a look in my car this morning and it's called '83 Thru the Roof'. Rachael if you email me your addy at podbobbins[at]gmail[dot]com I'll do you a copy.

On You Tube, there's a guy who uses the name NZOZ1982 (or whatever year it is) and has lots of hit Aussie Music for the year. Should check it out.

Hoppo Bumpo you must have read my mind, I've got a Starstruck song pre-posted for next Thurs! haha.

Kellie, I changed tapes this morning to '1983 The HotOnes', and 'She Blinded me Science' was playing as I pulled up to work. LOVE!

Vegan and Vintage said...

I was BORN in 1983, so I don't think I owned a radio... yet xx

THE ESSESS said...

I remember bop girl, I was like 7 or 8? I love the chairs in the clip, they would look pretty cool in my house!

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.