Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy stuff on couch

stuff on couch, originally uploaded by drewzel.

A pic I took on Saturday night, happy things on my couch. My ye olde ipod, some fab new zines and badges from Sticky, and my new fave thing, my "new" 2nd hand laptop which HP revived for me. Hurrah!

Happy week at Mikes.


THE ESSESS said...

I like that laptop, it would make me happy if I had one!!!

Drewzel said...

Yep, I was pretty excited to get one that:
a) had XP on it
b) had speakers
c) had a screen you could see propertly
d) had a CD drive
and e) didn't crash every half hour and need rebooting.


Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.