Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On my desk

Starting this week, I'll be playing along with 'On my Desk' what's there today?
-A Vogart embroidery transfer pattern, a pressie from Ms Curly Pops
-Brown owl from Monday's meeting (everyone at work thinks I'm owl obsessed because of all these little owls in my office)
-Wonderful handmade bag from Joystuff, using vintage recycled fabrics. If you don't know of Joy's work, check it out! "Craft that doesn't cost the earth!"
-marshmallows...because some days you just need to eat marshmallows, y'know?

Also hanging in my office on my desk is my new pencil tin, yay!
Yep, I know it's a bad pic, all the photos I take in my office come out blue because of the crappy lighting.

More desk fun via Kootoyoo.


Chooks'r'us said...

well haven't you been busy miss drewzel - that's a specky new background and very festive too! Just popping by to say thanks for your recent comments - much appreciated. Life, huh?

Hey you've never eaten marshmallows until you've been to Japan - we got OBSESSED with trying to find the brand we had over there and ended up nearly ordering some over Amazon for US$8 before we decided we'd gone too far and stopped. I will tell you the name when I can remember it - brain is functioning on basic operating system at present.

PS Word verification is 'ganogug' that's the sound you make when you have a mouth full of marshmallow and someone asks you how they are and you say 'damn good!'

Kirsty said...

There it is - pencil cup of the night. Love it! You're such a superb stitcher.

CurlyPops said...

Hey your pencil tin looks amazing all chock full of pencilly goodness! I agree with Kirsty...definitely the tin of the night!

Drewzel said...

Ta girls, my pencil cup friend is most happy in my office, fulfiling it's destiny. Of course, now I want to make more!

Chooky, you're a crack up, tell me the name of the marshmallows!! Hanging for the dollar to be worth something again so we can shop...

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.