Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is...something I'm surprised that I like

I'd never been here before until I met my husband over 10 years ago ...and now I'm a Frankytown resident. (HP refused to move to the city.) The place has a bad reputation, as the home of bogans and general scrotes, but like any large town, it has it's good points and bad.

Bad =
-Railway station, smells like pee and always has dodgy types asking you for cash. Further to that, the train ride seems to take agggggggggggges
-Young Street, especially near Railway Station crossing
-NQR in Beach Street is always full of deadshits (but I still shop there)
-Obnoxious people at the pubs/nightclubs on the weekends (but that could be anywhere)
-The fact that the lovely Art Deco building that was once the Post Office is now Kittens fanny-dancing club
-The fact that the stip style Nepean Hwy shopping centre has suffered as a result of the big enclosed shopping centre development a few blocks over
-The Peninsula Centre - the biggest eyesore on the landscape
Good =
-I live here!
-Proximity to beaches, bays and the goodness of the Mornington Peninsula
-Op-shop joy - I seem to be in the minority in my love for vintage goods and recyclable kitsch
-The new Waterfront development is looking fab
-The view from Oliver's Hill
-Big Spotlight 3 minutes from my house
-High availablity of snot blocks
-Can always park near your house - none of that parking 4 blocks away like I had to when I lived in St Kilda
-Local library = excellent
-Mornington Main Street shopping 15 minutes away
-I'm here! (oops I already said that.)

When I first moved down this way, it was a bit of a culture shock and I didn't think I'd get used to it...but it's okay. 10 years later, don't ask me for street directions, I still couldn't tell you, but I like living here. But that doesn't mean I'll be here forever...

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Photo source here. [taken in 1971 folks]


joyflea said...

I spent a good part of my early 20's journeying to Frankston to party with friends. I'm sorry to say, I never really liked the place, although there was some good clubbing times had.
I just couldn't get over the fact how many rude dickheads roamed the streets!!
It's a shame it's spoilt by rowdy residents when it is in such a prime location. But good on you for embracing the good!

Drewzel said...

Yep Joy, I can relate to rude dickheads roaming the streets.
But I gotta embrace the good, I live here. ahahahah.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Seems like the good outweighs the bad then!

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.