Monday, September 22, 2008

Some 2-bit philosophy

I've had a funny old sort of day. And now it's pouring with rain, which seems fitting. And I'm taking a moment to read a few blogs (I know, I should stay more up to date, but ...) Anyway, to my point. I looked at this post on Mikes blog, and was so struck by this image, and maybe more so, the sign in the window:

Free kittens for kind children

I know I've probably mentioned on here in one way or another how my heart melts more for a kitten or puppy than a baby, so the image worked in my mind, and I read that and thought "that's it". The free kittens should only go to the kind children, life should be like that. (Use free kittens as a metaphor for whatever suits.) But I think the world would would be a better place if the free kittens only went to the kind children...not as a reward, but as the way things should be.

This also ties in with this card that I bought at lunchtime today as it eloquently summed up my philosophy on life:

Of course, if you think this is all the babble of a deranged freak, you'd probably be right too. Time to top up my medication. Hope you're enjoying this rainy Monday, where ever ye be, h'argh*!

* every day should be Talk Like a Pirate Day, really.

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