Monday, September 22, 2008

This is...what I wanted to be when I grew up

Cindy, apart from having a fab collection of furry coats, has picked a hard one for this week. You know, I can't actually remember clearly, I had a phase where I wanted to be a nurse, and a zoo keeper (so I could get near the lions)...but nothing concrete. I never had dreams of a white wedding and being Mrs So-and-So, nor did I want to be a ballerina. Isn't it funny how you thought you had to "be something" when you grew up, as opposed to just "being"?

When I was at high school and you had to make choices about these things, I went for Cartography and Architecture, with Art as a back up...but my maths sucked, so gave up on that one in year 11. Around this time I also wanted to play in a symphony orchestra when I "grew up", but my parents didn't think music was a serious job prospect. Somehow, after Uni, I ended up in a State Government job, with no idea still of where I really want to be or how I even got here. But that's okay, now that I'm pushing 40, and I look at my circle of friends and family and realise that the important thing to "be" when you "grow up" is healthy and happy...and that happiness comes in various forms, not always the ones you dreamed of or expected when you were little. And I'm still hoping I'll get there.

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CurlyPops said...

Sounds like a fabulous wish to me!

cindy said...

I was so one of those that had no idea and still don't. Maybe that is why I asked the question - I am fascinated that lots of people seemed to have answers.
PS Thanks for the furry coat love!

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.