Wednesday, October 8, 2008

11 details - me too

Saw this here, and so I thought I'd do it too (whatya mean I'm putting in anything I can think of for Blogtoberfest?! haahhah)

Eleven Details About Me:
1. Clothes shop – anything that fits really. I'm not a label snob. And I'm trying to make my own stuff now.
2. Furniture shop – most of my furniture originally came from the Chapel St Bazaar, and the newspaper classifieds. Now it's side of the road, DIY or recycled.
3. Sweet – cake, chocolate. Chocolate cake?! Snot blocks (from the Sorrento cake!) Those long donuts with the mock cream and jam and the choccy icing. Mmmm donuts. I must say though, I don't think Krispy Kreme are particularly exciting at all.
4. City – Melbourne, Frankytown, and I quite like Adelaide. (Mmm Haigh's)
5. Drink – tea please.
6. Music - lots and lots, have a look at my Blogger profile. Big on the Beastie Boys, the Avett Brothers, Neil Young and Brooooce!
7. TV Series – Dexter - all the way! MASH is probably my favourite ever.
8. Film - Lots and lots...most fave is 'The Year My Voice Broke'. Most recent fave = 'Fur'.
9. Workout - What workout? I used to enjoy Body Pump class when I got my slack arse to the gym.
10. Pastries - bring 'em on!
11. Coffee – Latte. And I LOVE Chai Latte, although that doesn't count as coffee.

Give it a go too!


THE ESSESS said...

I like the snot blocks too, but our Bakery is closed for a week of renovations...So I will have to wait til saturday to get one... And Im not a fan of Krispy Kremes either, much prefer nice hot cinnamon donut!

Drewzel said...

Bakery closed for a week? How will you cope?!!

Bellgirl said...

Yay, snot blocks! I've always wanted to try one of those long jam and cream donut things, I'll have one next time I'm at the bakery. Ours don't have chocky icing though, ripped off!

teddybearswednesday said...

I totally agree with you about Krispy Kremes. Don't see what all the excitement is about.
ON the other had, Colin Meloy is very exciting and so is Colin Meloy Sings live! Yes i have it and it is pretty much my favourite album of the year!! Nice to know another CM lover!

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.