Monday, October 6, 2008

This favourite kitchen tool

I actually don't like the kitchen much. I don't enjoy cooking, but can on occasion get excited about baking cupcakes. Most of my time in the kitchen seems to be occupied by cleaning, and making tea. (HP is the cook of the household.) But a fave kitchen tool...of course, it's my Sunbeam Mixmaster (of which I actually have is a parts machine). Mum had one of these when we were kids (and still does) and so the Mixmaster is of course associated with childhood cakey goodness. HP bought me one last year and I do love it...even if I don't cook much! In an ideal world, mine would be blue, green, pale yellow or pink, but the prices these colours fetch now is ridiculous! Mine was tucked away in the cupboard this morning, so I've relied on teh good ol' interwebs for some Mixmaster prettiness:

Sunbeam Mixmaster, originally uploaded by Miss Retro Modern.
I'm pretty sure mine is the same model as Karen's above, and I just have to find the small bowl still. I also have the juicer attachment, but I haven't been game to try it out yet!

And look, for everything you EVER wanted to know about them, a delightful site here.

Flickr group for Mixmaster goodness is here.
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Bellgirl said...

That's the mixmaster I grew up with! Many a chocolate cake mixture was licked out of that bowl. Ah, happy days!

Bellgirl said...

I've blogged this in the Blogtoberfest Blog Crawl today:

Happy Blogtoberfesting!

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.