Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vintage show Hollie

china kittehs

A post on Hollie's new blog reminded me that I haven't shown you my latest cutesy china find, a pair of kitties, joined together with a chain. I got them from Savers for $3, which I thought was too much, but I did love them! (They also had a similar pair of squirrels, but they were $8.99 so I cracked the poos and didn't buy them. Bah.) Anyway, like fluffy-eared dressing table dog, they are also fuzzy-topped and nicely kitsch. And just 'cause I love him, here's a pic of my (also thrifted) kitty pepper shaker... I wish I could find his friend Salt!

kittah pepper shaker

Have you checked out Hollie's Vegan and Vintage blog? It's lovely and good reading, and I like it when people start secondary blogs about their passions! (Makes me feel like I'm not alone with my billions of blogs...ahah.)

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Vegan and Vintage said...

Thanks for the plug!! They are so sweet, I'm definately going to have to make it out to your 'hood sometime soon to uncover some goodies, you have the best opp-shops!

Pic from Miss Retro Modern's fab collection here.