Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost halfway...

Through Blogtoberfest . My German hasn't improved much, no chance of catching me in Lederhosen, LOLcat posting has increased, and the general babblings of my churning mind have remained constant. I've discovered some fabbo new bloggies, met Ms BigCat herself, and even earned myself a little award (note: blowing own trumpet here.)

On my progress list...how am I going?
- made almost 3 skirts for Wardrobe refashion (no undies yet though)
- continued on the wedding pressie project
- got shelves for craft room home, started moving stuff to make room for them. (This is no overnight task!)
- started knitting a cardie out of Cleckheaton Bamboo as part of Wardrobe Refashion (currently 3/4 of the way through the back section. That stuff is lovely to knit with!)
- started on the horror that is Christmas obligation (yeah I know I'm a pooey Scrooge - bah Humbug)

Still to do: start my walking badge, make DIY undies, parcel posting, crochet pattern creating, photo taking.
Also still have to book my motorcycle training, and now a dentist's appointment after I broke off the corner of a tooth whilst eating a Mintie at Mixtogether. (I knew there was a reason I didn't like Minties much!)

All in all still not too bad for ol' glue-bum me. (HP calls me "glue bum" because he reckons my arse gets glued to the couch in the evenings. I know, harsh!! hah.) Off now to stay glue-bummed and watch 'The Elegant Universe'.

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